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SB sand pump

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Shandong Zibo Jingzheng Heavy Slurry Pump Co., Ltd.

The SB series pump has been designed and developed as the "heart" and "workhorse" of your low-pressure mud system. this robust 21/2" diameter shaft, end suction, close grained cast iron pump, has been developed-from both a dimensional and parts point of view to be totally interchangeable with most existing 21/2" diameter shaft pumps (i. e. mission, Harrisburg).

1、the SB series pump is designed to accommodate the 6"×5"、8"×6"、5"×4"、4"×3"and3"×2" liquid ends, with either 11" diameter to 14" diameter impellers, in all 24 model, on two common power frame-thus minimizing your overall spare parts requirements.

2、Because of its total interchangeability of spare parts with other manufacture's pumps, our pwa stock of parts is readily availble for any 21/2" diameter shaft pump at any of your locations.

3、our pumps are all designed with standard packed stuffing boxes and with machanical seals, pumps can converted from packing to machanical seals by change of rear wear plate (see parts list and maintenance guide).

4、our double-row grease lubricated bearing design provides long hours of troublefree operation, the pwa2500 series pump has operated for over two years in the adverse summer and winter conditions of both northern Canada and alaska with virtually no maintenance costs, other than packing and lubrication.

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