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TL Desulfurization pump

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Shandong Zibo Jingzheng Heavy Slurry Pump Co., Ltd.

Ⅰ. Overview

TL desulfurization pump ZJA series slurry successful experience in design and manufacturing based on the characteristics of flue gas desulfurization pumps, absorption of similar products at home and abroad advanced technology. Carefully developed and designed a new generation of highly efficient series desulphurization pump. Maximum pump flow range up to 14000 m³ / h. The pump head is generally less than 100m. Covers all desulfurization pump conditions, either for the absorption tower large slurry circulating pump, but also for the limestone slurry pump the filtrate pump gypsum discharge pump, accident return pump, discharge pump pit pump.

Applicable to working conditions, slurry PH value 4-13, the chloride ion concentration: ≤ 40000ppm weight concentration: ≤ 60%, medium temperature: ≤ 120 C.

ⅡSecond, the characteristics of our company through the hydraulic design using CAD computer-aided design and two-phase flow theory, design, molding after the product has the following technical characteristics:

1, energy efficient: the general impurities pump transporting slurry, and its efficiency is always decreased, and the higher the concentration, the particle size the greater, the greater the amplitude reduced. The two-phase flow slurry pump conveying slurry, its efficiency is generally higher than the water. This is because the pump hydraulic design is based on the design of solid-liquid two-phase flow field in terms of the delivery of water and slurry, TL desulfurization pump more adapt to the slurry transport, high surface finish of parts of this series of pumps with small gap, high volumetric efficiency, the overall efficiency of more than 5% higher than the non-metallic pumps.

2, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life: all-metal high-chromium alloy flow components using Cr30, taking into account of the resistance to wear and abrasion. Surface intergranular gap is small, and have excellent resistance to chloride corrosion and a higher mechanical properties. Annual amount of wear a 0.56mm / year only. The advantage of having a long service life.

3, water-saving and environmental protection: shaft seal mechanical seal, to replace the packing increases Vice impeller sealed way, rinse water flow 1m ³ / h can be, greatly reducing industrial water. Water-saving, good sealing, no leakage requirements. Not vice impeller, the pump efficiency is improved by more than 3%. Also greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator's maintenance.

Third, the works

ⅢThis series desulphurization pump is a centrifugal pump. When the prime mover drives the pump shaft and impeller rotation, the slurry side in a circular motion with the impeller, centrifugal force from the center of the impeller side out week thrown when the slurry from the impeller, pressure and speed and flow through the volute to the liquid discharge port, a part of speed can be converted into a static pressure energy. When the slurry is thrown from the impeller, the impeller center area of ​​low pressure is formed, then the slurry is sucked and discharged to a certain pressure.

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