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Submersible slurry pumps

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ZJQ series of submerged slurry pump is a kind of hydraulic machineries integrated with theelectrical machineand water pump submerging into the medium This device is equipped with the advanced structure, wideflow passage and strong, sewage capacity, superior materials and powerful anti-decays ability. It is suitable for sending the fluid with solid particle like gravel, coal cinder and gangue. It can be mainly applied to clear and transport the slurry fluid of enterprises, such as MEtallurgical Factory, mine plant, steelworks andthermal power plant, which is the ideal substitution in companson with the traditional slurrypump.

Shandong Zibo Jingzheng Heavy Slurry Pump Co., Ltd.

Working Condition

(1).Power sources: Three-phase AC 380V 50HZ.

(2).The medium temperature should not exceed 60℃ ,medium don't contain flammable and explosive gas .

(3).Solid granule max. thickness in medium: grey sediment for 45% .mineral sediment for 60%.

(4).Motor and pump max. dive depth should not exceed 20M ,min. dive depth should not exceed 1M.

(5).The best motor and pump is vertical .operate method is continuous operation.

Notes: If the field conditions are not consistent with above rules, pis tell us when you place an order, and we can provide you in accordance

with the specific requirements.

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