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Combined with foreign advanced technology, our factory for the domestic aerated concrete production factory existing problems of pouring mixer equipment: labor intensity, severe environment pollution, especially in winter production efficiency and production quality such as large fluctuations, make full use of our company specializing in the production of wear-resistant corrosion resistant alloy material, pouring mixer impeller material, through practical application, confirmed the following several advantages:

Technology advantage:

< 1 > Impeller life increased than the original material for 3 to 5 times;

< 2 > The original Stir type mixer impeller 30 kw motor, overload current more than 50;new type mixer impeller with a 18.5 KW motor, overload current around 22;Power saving nearly 3/5.

< 3 > convenient maintenance, and improve the working environment, reduce the labor intensity of the workers. Need 5 to 6 hours to replace the original type mixer impeller, replace the new type mixer impeller for only 1 hour. More than three year save cost nearly 50000 yuan.

Our company can according to the actual needs of users, the transformation in the production of other feed mixing of wear resistant material accessories, can also provide improvement scheme and rationalization proposal, welcome to order our products.

Quality and service promises

To satisfy our customers, Shandong Jingzheng Heavy Slurry Pump Co., Ltd. offers all-round service before, during and after sale to users. Complete sales network allows us to provide customers with professional technical support and excellent marketing service.

Items of service

□ Technical training □ Installation and debugging □ Equipment evaluation; design and model selection

□ Fault handling □ Repair and maintenance  □ Upgrading and improvement

Service promises

□ Offer three guarantees to products. We shall offer free technical support when the warranty period expires.

□ Regular visit to our customers to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

□Our customer is entitled to life-long technical service. We shall solicit users’ opinions to constantly improve our product quality;

□Our service hotline is available round the clock. We shall respond to our customers in the province within 8 hours; for customers outside the province, within 24 hours.

Owing to different product batch and specific model, the product pictures are for reference only. Please contact our sales personnel for details and verification.

24-hour consultation hotline: 0533-4888885/4888886/4888887/4502999

Website: www.jzpump.net

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